Slow Simmer

She gave up on her career for her family, and he gave up on his family for his career. On the verge of giving up dating forever, these two opposites connect, but when their life philosophies clash, they must learn the lessons the other offers if they want to follow their deepest dreams and have it all.

After her brother's sudden death, Mara Stellar gave up on becoming a video game developer so she could keep alive their dream of opening a comic book store together, but now she feels stuck. To shake things up, she takes a chance on dating out-of-town visitor Ford Ross, even though he's her opposite. Ford has lived a huge life... Movie stars and world travel and an award-winning career as a director, but he's back in his hometown to reconnect with his family.

Even though Ford is a visitor after 10 years away from home, he knows the area better than Mara does and shows her the beauty of her adopted city. When their career goals unexpectedly align, the connection between them deepens, but when the future they dream of suddenly falls apart, they both have to solve their problems in new ways or risk repeating the mistakes of the past.

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