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  1. Barb H says:

    How insightful that he gets it. Reading your own work is akin to opening your soul to criticism. Send him to colleged immediately. He needs to further this talent.

    1. I’m proud of my boys. When one of them does something like that, my heart feels like it’s about to burst with love.

  2. Nice post, Sheri. Glad the reading went well. It’s all about putting yourself out there, and nervousness is a part of it. I recently did a radio show (1/2 hour) and told absolutely no one I knew, since I’d never done it before and thought I’d come across poorly. It turned out well…

    1. Wow! A radio interview! Now that’s exciting. But I’m like you. I don’t think I’d tell anyone. I’d be too embarrassed!

  3. IreAnne says:

    “The cost of good art” Great post 🙂

  4. mirandaliasson says:

    Congratulations, Sheri, on a great accomplishment, reading at Lady Jane’s! And for reminding us that discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing. Your son is awesome!

    1. Thanks MJ. His advice really helped that night. We drove out there together and did a college visit to Penn State. I’ll miss that kid next year when he’s at college!

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