By Sheridan Jeane

From Bitter to Sweet

A Romantic Comedy

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From Bitter to Sweet is the third book in my new Coming Home trilogy and is part of my overall The Way to a Woman’s Heart series.

Best Selling Author

Sheridan Jeane

Sheridan Jeane is a Pittsburgh transplant who absolutely loves the city, and that’s why her Way to a Woman’s Heart series is set nearby in the town of Sewickley. After a career in computer science, she’s now blissfully happy because she gets to spend her days writing her romance novels. When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family or pampering one of her fur-babies.

Coming Home Trilogy

Heres the Scoo

Slow Simmer

Ford and Mara’s story

Heres the Scoo

Here’s the Scoop

Max and Sonya’s story

From Bitter to Sweet

Lianna and Kincaid’s story

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The dialogue is well done. The banter between the two protagonists is right on.

– Goodreads Reviewer


Loved this one! It was a fast moving but cleverly put together story. 

– Goodreads


It’s very sweet and character driven leading to a very quick read!

– GoodReads Reviewer

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