Gambling on a Scoundrel

Gambling on a Scoundrel

$13.99eBook: $5.99
Series: Standalone
Genre: Historical Romance
Tag: Victorian Romance
Publisher: Flowers and Fullerton
Length: Novel - 342 pages
ISBN: 9781633030022

A female journalist in Victorian England... An errant fiance... The mysterious owner of a gambling palace... and Charles Dickens?
Each player has a role to play in... Gambling on a Scoundrel!

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About the Book

London, 1861 – Everything is going right for Temperance Bliss…

until it all goes wrong…

Lucian’s grandfather believed his tainted French blood had ruined him…
Lucian’s father died the family outcast for the sin of marrying a French woman. When Lucien finds himself inheriting his grandfather’s earldom–as well as the kind of life he’d been denied since birth–he decides to sell his London high-stakes gambling house to begin a more respectable life. The last thing he wants is a nosey reporter complicating things.
Temperance has her entire future mapped out… Until her fiancé jilts her—in a letter.
She won’t take that lying down. Not at all! She will win him back! She will research that article on the evils of gambling Charles Dickens asked her to write! AND, it will be published in his newspaper! If it’s the last thing she does, Ernest will come crawling back to her…
Now, if she can just figure out how to make it all happen…

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