Coming Home

In Sheridan’s spectacular Coming Home trilogy, three people have three very different experiences when they come home to Sewickley.

Slow Simmer – Ford Ross visits home while searching for the perfect movie to direct. While he considers his options, he finds old friends, a cooking class, and a nerdy comic book shop owner who steals his heart.

Here’s the Scoop – Sonya is a new teacher in Sewickley and dreams of settling down. Five years ago, Max Ross kept a secret from her that created a scandal and ruined her life. Today, he is standing at her classroom door as her orphaned student’s new guardian. Sonya would love to keep her distance, but he has her in a bind.

From Bitter to Sweet – Last year, Lianna came home from work early and it changed her life. Divorced after years of infertility, she has new goals. Ones that don’t include the sexy owner of the construction company who is building an addition to her new house…at least, not at first.

Slow Simmer
Here’s the Scoop
From Bitter to Sweet