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May 2023 Novel: Here’s the Scoop

The Way to a Woman’s Heart Romantic Comedy (Coming Home Trilogy Book 2)

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 8, 2023

Cover Reveal: April 24,02023 (Please avoid sharing the cover or the YouTube video before that date. Yes, the cover can be seen on Amazon and other distributors right now, but I’m making a big push to reveal the cover on April 24th, so your help would be appreciated.)


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Book Description

It’s not every day that a woman has to go into hiding from the online world, but when you’re being hunted by the paparazzi because of a rockstar’s lies, you do what you gotta do. Sonya knows all too well, but she’s tired of running and hiding. That’s why when Max Ross, the man who caused her old life to go up in flames, walks back into her life with his niece in tow, she decides to face the music. With a little help from her fifth-grade class and a whole lot of humor, Sonya sets out to prove that love can conquer all – even when the paparazzi are lurking in the bushes.
Max Ross may be a movie promoter, but he’s not exactly a master of his own destiny. When he stumbles back into Sonya’s life when he walks into her fifth-grade classroom with his orphaned niece, he knows he’s got a lot of making up to do. Unfortunately, Sonya’s not exactly making it easy for him. With the school musical fast approaching and the rockstar coming back into the limelight, Max has his work cut out for him. But with a little help from the kids and a whole lot of wit, he’s determined to show Sonya that love is worth fighting for – even if it means going up against the paparazzi and the online world.
In this touching yet lighthearted and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, Sonya and Max will have to avoid the limelight, avoid the trolls, and survive the fifth-grade musical if they want to find love. With plenty of laughs, a touch of drama, and a whole lot of heart, this book is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
This spicy romance can be read as a standalone and is book 2 in the Coming Home series, which is part of The Way to a Woman’s Heart world.


Short Description

Sonya‘s life turned upside down when lies from a rockstar made her go into hiding. But when Max, the man who caused her past to burn, returns with his niece, she decides to face her fears. With humor and the help of her fifth-grade class, Sonya proves that love conquers all, even with paparazzi lurking around. Max must prove his love is worth fighting for against the limelight, trolls, and fifth-grade musical. This laugh-out-loud romcom is a heartwarming story that will leave you smiling.



Short Bio:

Sheridan lives outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she writes both historical and contemporary romances. She’s won both a Reader’s Choice award and a Where the Magic Begins award.

Medium Bio:

Sheridan Jeane, originally from Dayton, Ohio, is a Pittsburgh transplant who absolutely loves the city. That’s why her Way to a Woman’s Heart series is set in the nearby town of Sewickley. After pursing a career in computer science, Sheridan is now blissfully content because she gets to spend her days writing romance novels.When she isn’t writing, she’s spending time with her family or pampering one of her fur-babies.

Long Bio:

Sheridan Jeane writes both contemporary and historical romances. Her contemporary books are all set in her The Way to a Woman’s Heart world. The first trilogy is Coming Home and includes Slow Simmer, Here’s the Scoop, and From Bitter to Sweet. Her books take place in an fictional version of the small town of Sewickley, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sheridan also writes exciting Victorian-era romances filled with spies, intrigue, and tender, sensual moments. She has released five historical romances in her “Secrets and Seduction” series and as well as a standalone romance, Gambling On a Scoundrel.

Sheridan is the daughter of an artist/art-therapist/professor mother and an opera-loving/computer engineer father. Growing up, she assumed parents routinely converted their garages into well-stocked art studios complete with potter’s wheels, kilns, and every color of acrylic paint under the sun. Didn’t every second-grader nail shingles on the roof of the new 2-car garage their dad built? And didn’t every family host the occasional after-opera cast party?
Go figure!

Surrounded by art and music, Sheridan immersed herself in books. Her parents encouraged this love, and one summer while she was away at summer camp, her dad covered her entire bedroom wall with floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Sheridan co-founded Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Romance Writers and served as its president for two years. The organization has since merged with Great Lakes Fiction Writers.

Sheridan’s Books:

Sheridan’s newest books are part of The Way to a Woman’s Heart series. The first trilogy is:

Coming Home

  • Slow Simmer
  • Here’s the Scoop!
  • From Bitter to Sweet


Her standalone novel “Gambling on a Scoundrel” has earned the distinction of being one of the three most checked-out romance novels in the Self-e library system.

Her Secrets and Seduction series includes:

Lady Cecilia Is Cordially Disinvited for Christmas (available only to VIP Club members…join today!)
It Takes a Spy…
Lady Catherine’s Secret,
Once Upon a Spy, and
My Lady, My Spy

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