Lady Catherine’s Secret – Cover Reveal (again)

My lovely new website crashed and burned yesterday and was down for a few hours, but it’s up and working again and it looks like all the problems are behind us. My website guru was able to recover all the posts except the newest one.

I have two books coming out back to back. The first one, It Takes a Spy…, will be released on November 1st, and today I’m unveiling my second one, Lady Catherine’s Secret, which comes out one month later on December 1st.

I grow to love all of my books (after a period of intense dislike while I’m in the middle of writing them), but Lady Catherine’s Secret will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only did it win the Where the Magic Begins contest for Best Historical Romance, but it also won me the interest of my agent.

In the Victorian era, rules abounded and woe to anyone who dared flaunt them. Lady Catherine balances on the edge of disaster, but thinks it’s worth the risks she takes. She masquerades as a boy so she can attend a fencing academy in the evenings. After all, what man would duel a woman and publicly risk losing to her?

I hope you enjoy reading Catherine’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it!



so without further ado…




Here’s the cover! (And I LOVE it!)





CoverFinalLG-LadyCatherinesSecret (2)
  The e-version of my book is available for preorder on Amazon now.


The print version will be available for preorder within the next week or two.



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