Floating above the ground…




I just found out that Lady Catherine’s Secret is a finalist for RomCon’s Reader’s Crown award for Best Historical Romance. A finalist!

The books are scored by romance readers in this annual contest. When I found out, at first I thought there must have been a mistake. This couldn’t be saying what I thought it was saying, could it? Maybe it could!

Once I realized I’d read the news correctly, I started to cry. Thank goodness my son was home to give me a great big hug! The rest of my family was out running errands on this gorgeous summer day. What a fabulous validation to know that readers love my book!

Thank you!

The winners will be announced at the annual RomCon event in Denver at the end of September, and I’m trying to make arrangements to be there. My husband is so excited he just booked a room at the hotel for me!

Yay for Lady Catherine’s Secret!

3D-Lady Catherines Secret