Today, Yesterday, I planned to get a lot done.

I planned to on my website, finish some editing, finalize my cover for my print book, and get some writing done. Did that happen? Not so much.

With that big block of time available to me to work uninterrupted today, I decided to start things off with a walk. I even saw some beautiful flowers (as seen here) and as I walked along the road I uploaded the photo to Facebook. It seemed like my day was off to a great start!

Then things changed. As soon as I got home, I had a call from my son at school– he needed to come home early!

I left to pick him up, then an hour later we had to leave for a doctor’s appointment, then I dropped him back off at school for a study session for his advanced math class for the final exam. Just as I pulled into the driveway he called to tell me that we had the day wrong and it was supposed to take place tomorrow. Then I started working on my website and the new plugin I installed didn’t work. Then I wrote this blog post. I’m about to cook dinner, so maybe the rest of the day will go well.

[Note… no, things did NOT go well. My website froze up again and I couldn’t finalize this post. Anyway, I decided it was time to hang it up for the day vis a vis writing tasks and I focused on something more productive… I cleaned! With luck, Wednesday will be a much more productive day, workwise!)

I DID manage to finalize my book cover. At least ONE thing was accomplished.