I enjoy the holiday season so much! Unforunately, I always postpone putting up decorations and making my preparations. The good part is that by the time I finally decorate the house, I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit!

I attended a fabulous holiday party last weekend, and the hostess put me to shame. Her gingerbread soldiers were not only beautiful, but delicious as well!

I definitely need the recipe! They were some of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten!



How about you? Do are you one someone who likes to decorate early?

Do you juggle celebrating the new year and clearing away your Christmas cheer like this guy?

Portrait of one handsome new year man with long beard and moustache in red santa claus christmas hat with fur holding present box in air in studio on purple background, square picture

Last week I ran a promotion for the first book in my series “It Takes a Spy…” It was exciting to see how many people decided to try my book! If you learned about me through that promotion, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for trying my book and to welcome you to my blog! I always love meeting new readers, so please feel free to leave a comment here or to email me directly.

Happy Holidays! May your heart be full of love and good cheer!Signature - Sheridan Jeane-red