I recently went on a quest… a Google search quest that is… to try to find some social media icon images.  I discovered there are tons and tons of free ones out there on the web. Thank you so very much to all the artists who have shared their work! To find them, simply do a search on “Social Media Icon” and then add a word to narrow the search so you can find some attractive icons to match your website mood. 

Once you find one you like, make sure it offers buttons for all of the social media sites you think you will use in the foreseeable future.  I specifically wanted buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and possibly Google+.  Although I found quite a few buttons out there that I loved, I discovered that wanting a Goodreads button narrowed my search considerably.

I was quite happy when I stumbled upon a set of buttons called “Earth Social” posted by pancake ninja at http://pancake-ninja.blogspot.com/

They are absolutely lovely!



I plan to use them on my website once I figure out how to link things in.