This is the start. The beginning. The new.

As my site evolves, you’ll be able to find information on my upcoming books (which are romances which take place in Victorian Era England) and stories about my kitten Leia, who was named for a fictional princess.

We first meet Leia

In which we first meet a very hungry and dirty Leia

Leia has been through some rags to riches changes since we first found her starving and living under our woodpile. I’m not sure where she came from and how she got under the woodpile but it was upsetting to see an animal living like she was. She’s become an integral part of my life, so I’m certain she’ll again grace the pages of this site with her cuteness! I have wanted my own cat for such a long time, and when we found Leia I just knew that we had to keep her. She looked so small and adorable! I remember the first day we took her into our house, she was so nervous. Since she’d had such a bad upbringing she must have been so scared about moving to her new home. I could tell that she was extremely anxious and I knew that I had to try and do something to help make her feel better! I went online, did some research, and found that CBD oil can help reduce anxiety in pets (Visit this website to learn more). I decided to give it a go and luckily, she has been much better since. She’s settling in really well here and I think she’s beginning to love her new life in our house actually!! Her personality is so bubbly and energetic and she’s a completely different cat to when we first met her! I really do love her and I’m so glad I’ve finally got a pet cat. She’s definitely going to be appearing on here more often.

I think that the transformation of my website will be much like the transformation of my kitten, so watch here for some great changes!

I want to thank you for stopping by to visit.