Sometimes good things happen at that moment when we most need them. This past Saturday happened to be one of those days.

The past couple of weeks have been chaotic in my household, and I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed by everything. Plus, my most recent book was released on December 1st. (I just LOVE Lady Catherine’s Secret, and I hope you do too!)

Although I had been looking forward to attending the annual end-of-year/holiday party and gift exchange with the Northeast Ohio Romance Writers, I could also have quite happily crawled under the covers that day, sipped hot chocolate, surfed Facebook, and generally licked my wounds. I stuck to my plan and joined my good friend Sheila so that we could make the drive from Pittsburgh to Punderson Manor outside of Cleveland for the party.

Sheila was the perfect companion. She listened to my woes and told me what a wonderful person I am (I love you Sheila) and generally bucked me up.

Once I arrived at Punderson Manor I was able to chat with my wonderful writer friends. There is nothing like spending time with people who speak the same “language.” These warm and fascinating women helped me remember why I love to write and why I make the monthly four-hour round-trip to meet with them for the NEORWA meetings.


Then, to top it all off, they gave me this wonderful plaque to commemorate the fact that I published my very first book this year. Gambling on a Scoundrel was released on April 1, 2014.

I have to admit, it brought tears to my eyes.

Thank you NEORWA, and thank you to all of my wonderful friends for your friendship and your continued support. You’re the best!

And thank you to all of my readers. Without you, I wouldn’t have a career doing what I love.