It’s springtime, my first book is out, my son went on his first round of college visits last week, and my kitten just came in heat. Times, they are a-changin. :-O

I’m thrilled that my book, Gambling on a Scoundrel, is out. Thank you to everyone who supported me and purchased a copy. You’re my angels!

Released April 1, 2014

Released April 1, 2014 Available on Amazon and through your local bookstore

I absolutely LOVE the cover, and I must thank Su at Earthly Charms for making it look marvelous! There’s nothing quite like holding your very own book in your hand.

Yes, my son is beginning to investigate colleges. Fortunately, he doesn’t want to travel far from home, so that makes the prospect of him leaving infinitesimally easier for me to face. At least he isn’t trying to move to the other side of the country.

And my sweet kitten Leia turns a year old this month, so I won’t be able to call her a kitten much longer. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family and I’m thankful that I decided to sit on the porch one day last summer to write and heard her cries of distress. She was such a wee little mite of a thing when I coaxed her out from under our woodpile. It’s amazing that a predator didn’t decide to swoop down and eat her for lunch! With her white coat she’d stand out in the dark woods.

Leia - March 2014

Leia – March 2014

I’m busily polishing my novella, It Takes a Spy. It will kick off my Secrets and Seduction series and will be out this summer, so watch for it! What sort of cover do you think Su will manage to create this time? Something stellar, I’m certain! I can’t wait for the cover reveal!